An Introductory to Fluid Management Systems

Founded in 2010, Fluid Management Systems, Inc. (FMS) is a high tech company based in Lexington, Kentucky. FMS has developed a patent-pending system for accurately managing liquid injectable medication inventory, called FMS SMARTray™. The heart of this system is a low-cost and highly accurate method for determining liquid levels inside several small to large enclosed vials/bottles, both simultaneously and instantaneously. Using our methods, we can track medication from the time it is ordered, to when it is delivered to a patient and added to their medical record, ending when a new order is placed; from there, the chain begins again.

The FMS SMARTray™ was envisioned as a system for tracking injectable antibiotics and vaccines administered on farms, and in veterinarians’ offices. FMS has chosen swine and cattle farms as the first market to serve.

However, in both human and animal pharmaceutical markets, liquid medications are provided in multi-dose vials. Currently, the management of vial inventories is manual, which is problematic: vial inventories are not directly tied to Electronic Medical Record supply chain systems. With its digitized system, the FMS SMARTray™ resolves this issue.

Through radio-frequency technology, our system is able to measure the amount of remaining fluid in a sealed container, while being non-invasive – medication vials are always sealed and sterile. Our system then maintains a database of important information about each medication vial. The motivation for our system is to control and monitor liquid medication usage; reduce waste; and automate the inventory and supply chain process – resulting in the elimination of all manual processes.

Conceived, Developed and Written by Dr. Subodh Das and Tara Mahadevan

October 26th, 2012

Fluid Management Systems

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